Prof. Emeritus Shmuel Erlich

Research Topics: Psychoanalytic theory and its application


ארליך שמואל, פרופ' אמריטוס
My main areas of teaching and writing are: psychoanalytic theory and its application in treatment, mental functioning (experiential modalities) and group and organizational processes. I am engaged in psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic treatment, consulting to organizations and teaching psychoanalysis.
Representative work:
Erlich, H. S. (2003) Experience – What Is It? International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 84:1125-1147.
Erlich, H. S., Erlich-Ginor, M. & Beland, H. (2009) Fed with Tears – Poisoned with Milk. The "Nazareth" Group-Relations-Conferences: Germans and Israelis: The Past in the Present. Psychosozial Verlag: Gießen.
Erlich, H. S. (2010) A beam of darkness – understanding the terrorist mind. In: H. Brunning and M. Perini (Eds.), Psychoanalytc Perspectives on a Turbulent World. Karnac: London, pp. 3-15.