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Prof. Merav Ahissar

Phone:  972-2-5883409
Fax:  972-2-5883195

Office Location:  Social sciences building, 2616

Research Topics: Perceptual learning, anchoring dyslexia, action, new language acquisition, attention deficit, learning disability, musical abilities

Teaching: Perception and dyslexia research seminar; Perception; Workshop in cognition; Advanced cognitive processes


אחישר מרב, פרופ'
The relations between psychological phenomena and their underlying physiological mechanisms have always fascinated me. I began my scientific career with single unit electrophysiology in behaving monkeys. I continued with psychophysics, studying perceptual learning in adult humans. In the past few years I have focused on even higher level skills. We are now studying the relations between perception and cognition. Specifically, we are trying to decipher the perceptual deficits of reading and learning disabled individuals and the relevance of these perceptual to their cognitive disabilities.
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Representative work:
Banai, K, Ahissar M. (2010). On the importance of anchoring and the consequences of its impairment in dyslexia. Dyslexia. 16:240–257.
Nahum, M, Daikhin L, Lubin Y, Cohen Y, Ahissar M. (2010). From Comparison to Classification: A Cortical Tool for Boosting Perception. J. Neurosci.. 30:1128–1136.